Preparing for the journey: Thoughts and Notions

July started with an allotment of supervisors and the Lego building class with Naomi, in order to break down and demystify our research process leading to the culmination of the thesis project.


Mapping our hopes, fears and motivations for put research journeys in the Lego Workshop 

I’m also beginning to think of how my thesis project can build into the brand that I want to create for myself as a design strategist/ researcher. I attended a couple of talks for Graduate Futures Week including Career Advice and CV checks. I was able to interact with the speakers and employers from IBM and the response was very positive in terms of how my career trajectory is one that could fit into larger co operations like IBM where the work culture is collaborative in nature, and interdisciplinary skills are encouraged.

The career advice session was helpful where a one to one session with one of the professionals helped me understand the need of tweaking my website in order to communicate to employers what my strengths are, by using language/ words that highlighted the strategy part of my process rather than just the design bit.

The session with Laura was also motivating as we spent some time just talking about the concept of the project and reiterating the aims of the proposal rather than just diving into the research plan. Time is definitely a factor, but I want to hold back from compromising and narrowing down on the larger intent of my project.